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Jobs from Way-back

With enough time and a curious mind, nothing is beyond reach …

  • Sr. Web Developer – Wandrian Inc. (2006 – 2007)
  • Web Production Manager – Biscom Inc. (2005 – 2006)
  • Web Designer – Sybase Inc. (2000 – 2005)
  • Website Editor – Fitchburg State College (1999 – 2000)

Pizza Delivery Guy – New Pizza, Strasbourg (1996 – 1998)
Mes vingt-ans! Je les ai commencé a Strasbourg, et j’ai beaucoup appris. Du premier jour quand j’ai accepté un boulot comme livreur de pizza sans savour rouler en mobilette. Mais vite, j’ai tout appris, tout en memorisant les rues de l’esplanade au jour, et d’Illkirch en la nuit.

BBS/ISP Operator – Tropical BBS, Nairobi (1994)
Yes, long before today’s www became a thing, I setup a BBS and the only person who understood what I was doing was the other guy running one from Libra House. Eventually, I leased a General Packet Data Service line from KPTC and used it to join the foreign networks, and started brokering email messages for the few souls that understood the concept. I had to abandon this project to join ULP, and I ruminated about it for years – it was a valuable downpayment for what came later!

PC Clone Assembler – Computroller, Nairobi (1994 – 1995)
This was the place to be, and we had the best toys. I had some PC/DR/MS-DOS skills before GUIs were even possible. Mr. Small and Victor gave me a chance and I did not disappoint. Paul Siambi taught me about hardware, Peter taught me commandline skills and taught me how to play Doom, and we tested new tools from the PCMag. Before long we were installing Artisoft LANtastic networks, assembling clones, solving computer problems, and were highly in demand. I sent my first email and saw the future of connected systems.

About Me

Don is a self-taught technologist that is eager to share his knowledge and experiences. He is a hands-on leader with varied skills and experience spanning more than 20 years. Beyond the day-job, Don is an avid cyclist, polyglot, traveler, and a magnetic individual with a curious mind.