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  • Solitude vs loneliness: Why you need it

    Solitude vs loneliness: Why you need it

    This time I start of with a contrast of solitude and loneliness. I then proceed to examine the necessity of solitude and why we need a healthy dose of it for sanity. What is the conventional wisdom and perspective on solitude and loneliness The down-side of not having solitude Benefits of solitude What does this… Continue reading

  • I am holding my breathe for results…

    I am holding my breathe for results…

    The double meaning is intentional. In this post, I reflect on brown fat, the Wim Hof method, cold showers, and physical and psychological resiliency. I am making an effort to organize my thoughts (without introducing the chore and rigidity of choreographed preparation): Brown fat Cold Showers Wim Hof breathing (or holding breathe) Topics of future… Continue reading

  • Using tickler-files in a paperless GTD system

    Using tickler-files in a paperless GTD system

    Today’s post is mainly in response to Jake’s explanation of the GTD rules that he choses to break, why he does so, and therein an attempted explanation of how a tickler-file system works. In his post, he calls the tickler-file system ‘43 folders‘, the latter is a branded website that focuses on such systems. In… Continue reading

  • I got a cold shower for Christmas…

    I got a cold shower for Christmas…

    It might be strange and tough for some to even imagine… yes, on Christmas morning, I voluntarily took a very cold shower and actually enjoyed it. In this post, I briefly touch on the theory behind cold showers as a way to strengthen the mind. Beyond that, there is theory and practice (has been practiced… Continue reading

  • How I build strength and tenacity

    How I build strength and tenacity

    It is indeed true that the more a person keeps himself in a zone of challenge and performance, the better he becomes at handling future challenges. I am saying that because I recently sat for a relatively simple exam (AWS SA-Associate Certification) and found it difficult to sit for a long time. This is in… Continue reading

  • Those Training Wheels …

    Those Training Wheels …

    It is not exactly what it sounds like; I recently got all my ducks in a row and ‘tipped my toe’ in the river again. Over the past two weeks, I have been ridding my road-bike for 10 kms every morning. The objective is to get more cardio exercise in place being that gyms are… Continue reading

  • Que cuarentena?

    Que cuarentena?

    Estamos acostumbrados a la cuarentena… quizás – ya hace aproximadamente seis semanas. For the sake of efficiency and assurance that I will not compromise the message as I try to convey it through my still fledgeling Spanish language. On that note, do not get me wrong, I am making great advances and can now communicate… Continue reading

  • 2020, oh boy! The Silver-lining

    2020, oh boy! The Silver-lining

    Every cloud has a silver lining… or so they say!In many places, at least the places where I have lived and grown, there is excitement at the end of the year, and the beginning of another. Often, well wishers tell each other that they hope that the coming year will not be like the past… Continue reading

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Don is a self-taught technologist that is eager to share his knowledge and experiences. He is a hands-on leader with varied skills and experience spanning more than 20 years. Beyond the day-job, Don is an avid cyclist, polyglot, traveler, and a magnetic individual with a curious mind.