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  • Building my ideal standing desk

    Building my ideal standing desk

    These posts are getting longer and more interesting for me to work on –In this post, I am reviewing the experience, thought-process, implementation steps, and discoveries that I experienced as I sought and continue to seek the ideal and adaptable workspace design. This is the first of many posts; in future posts, there will be… Continue reading

  • Deleting my LinkedIn account …

    Deleting my LinkedIn account …

    … it is not something that you said, it is just me. I am a ruthless defender of my sanity and time, and therefore questioning that justification of even commonplace things. Maintaining a profile on the professional social network is what any professional with upward potential does – to network with peers and potential employers… Continue reading

  • Quoi de neuf? News consumption

    Quoi de neuf? News consumption

    I started my day early and keenly focused on my to-do list. Then I got a message that had a nice video about the Zipline delivery service I sent more than a few minutes to watch it and even shared with a few co-workers who will very-well geek-out on how it all works. The memory… Continue reading

  • I closed my twitter account …

    I closed my twitter account …

    Not that it was teeming with followers, but it is still an event that I have moved away from Twitter. I can still remember many years ago when Paul and Marcus (remember those two english guys singing and bantering about Web Standards…) mentioned that there was a new service that you could use to post… Continue reading

  • I will build it in 3 weeks!

    I will build it in 3 weeks!

    Procrastination and perfectionism can sometimes seem so conventional and normal. I have always wanted to build a house to use when I visit my parents; that reflects me, is comfortable, and does not break the bank. The tiny-house movement had not gone ‘mainstream’ at this point, but I am that kind of guy – unconventional.… Continue reading

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Don is a self-taught technologist that is eager to share his knowledge and experiences. He is a hands-on leader with varied skills and experience spanning more than 20 years. Beyond the day-job, Don is an avid cyclist, polyglot, traveler, and a magnetic individual with a curious mind.