Building my ideal standing desk

These posts are getting longer and more interesting for me to work on –
In this post, I am reviewing the experience, thought-process, implementation steps, and discoveries that I experienced as I sought and continue to seek the ideal and adaptable workspace design. This is the first of many posts; in future posts, there will be details about related setups (cable management, accessory ports, video & audio capture, etc).

  1. Context: working from home for 12+ months
  2. Necessity of a better desk and working environment
  3. The constraints and other core considerations for the MVP design
  4. Exploited opportunities for improvement
  5. Looking forward

Deleting my LinkedIn account …

… it is not something that you said, it is just me.
I am a ruthless defender of my sanity and time, and therefore questioning that justification of even commonplace things.

Maintaining a profile on the professional social network is what any professional with upward potential does – to network with peers and potential employers

What if I am:
– Committed to my current assignment
– Confident in my skills and experience
– Sanguine that I will be able to find another job without actively cultivating fall-back plans

Further Reading:

Quoi de neuf? News consumption

I started my day early and keenly focused on my to-do list. Then I got a message that had a nice video about the Zipline delivery service I sent more than a few minutes to watch it and even shared with a few co-workers who will very-well geek-out on how it all works. The memory of my planned task recurred and I concluded my worthy news consumption activity and got to think about my news consumption habit.

  • The diet that started as a practical matter of hours billed
  • Remember feeling out of place leaving water-cooler opportunities to get back to work
  • Stopped watching TV and reduced news to a periodic glance at some websites – “if it is important, someone will tell me…”
  • New is often someone else’s perspective/problem, storm in a tea-cup as opposed to an objective reporting of universally and objectively qualified facts

I closed my twitter account …

Not that it was teeming with followers, but it is still an event that I have moved away from Twitter. I can still remember many years ago when Paul and Marcus (remember those two english guys singing and bantering about Web Standards…) mentioned that there was a new service that you could use to post text… just 140 characters like an SMS message. At that point, I wondered why anyone would do that being that there were CMSes that allowed anyone to publish short or/and long content. Along the way, I created a Twitter account and never tweeted anything, but syndicated content from a central account (used to be Google Plus).

My decision is not a referendum Twitter in a specific way, but a growing feeling that investing content on any platform that I do not control is unwise. I learned the hard way on seeing my 5+ years of Google+ content get taken offline when that network was summarily shut-down after a security breach. Also, I often see people worry and complain that Youtube may take them offline; so how about the WWW the way we old-timers had it before AOL had keywords, Twitter had handles, and Instagram had… I have never been on Instagram!

What Next?
I am currently doing an audit of all the accounts I have with other websites and summarily closing those that do not fit into my through-out Web Strategy.

I will build it in 3 weeks!

Procrastination and perfectionism can sometimes seem so conventional and normal. I have always wanted to build a house to use when I visit my parents; that reflects me, is comfortable, and does not break the bank. The tiny-house movement had not gone ‘mainstream’ at this point, but I am that kind of guy – unconventional.

I was driving from Boston to Montreal and there it was!
One rest-area on Interstate-89 has a green-house and a water purification plant – both are housed in this octagonal glass-house.

I kept it to myself as I was not even clear about what was intriguing about it. It took me a few days for all the ideas to fall into place. So, when I excitedly told anyone who would listen about my idea,

I will build a 700ft-sq house in 3 weeks even if there are multiple stages that each require a week to complete

I saved you the details, or I got you straight to the chase…
Maybe there will be a post with all the details, the thrilling tales of shipping vinyl windows from the Home Depot to Kenya in my checked luggage. Yes, I carried some tools and materials in my luggage . Below is what I had at the end of 3 weeks just before I boarded by flight to return to the desk to write some PHP code (at the time)!

This is not one of those wooden houses that you see them put together in a week. It is made of stone from foundation to the window-line. The glass panes are in, the roof is on (the material was out of stock, but my logistics and project management skills got it all together).

Livable 750ft-sq house with electricity is complete