Future Nomads, and Outsourcing

  1. The perfect job done well
    1. Work you like, people you like, anytime, anywhere = entrepreneur, nomad, or happy employee? Why choose?
  2. There is a crisis, and some things will change
    1. What will disappear: 
      1. traditional offices
      2. Traditional work schedules
      3. Pay for location and cost of living
    2. What will start:
      1. Cultural attachment that forms a company and make sit hold together
      2. Move towards remote working and cross-state commutes
      3. Market pressures for agility will 
    3. Pain-points
      1. Current employees will need to go with the blow – adapt or die
      2. Companies have to learn how to breathe nitrogen to survive
      3. New opportunities will show up in the market – who will be there to catch them
  3. Strengthening of fringe trends
    1. 2000 saw the normalization of outsourcing during recovery from the burst
    2. Outsourcing has always suffered from the cultural gap
  4. The coming opportunity
    1. Unique gap by standing on both sides of the fence
    2. Outsourcing done better as remote working