Quoi de neuf? News consumption

I started my day early and keenly focused on my to-do list. Then I got a message that had a nice video about the Zipline delivery service I sent more than a few minutes to watch it and even shared with a few co-workers who will very-well geek-out on how it all works. The memory of my planned task recurred and I concluded my worthy news consumption activity and got to think about my news consumption habit.

  • The diet that started as a practical matter of hours billed
  • Remember feeling out of place leaving water-cooler opportunities to get back to work
  • Stopped watching TV and reduced news to a periodic glance at some websites – “if it is important, someone will tell me…”
  • New is often someone else’s perspective/problem, storm in a tea-cup as opposed to an objective reporting of universally and objectively qualified facts