Those Training Wheels …

It is not exactly what it sounds like; I recently got all my ducks in a row and ‘tipped my toe’ in the river again. Over the past two weeks, I have been ridding my road-bike for 10 kms every morning. The objective is to get more cardio exercise in place being that gyms are not open, and/or that I do not want to unnecessarily expose myself to COVID….

Biking, then running for my life!

… well, it has been many many months since I started writing this story. As shown above, I got to ride 10 Kms every morning until I could not. The back wheel that is barely 2 years old gave in and lost all the air one morning. I promised myself that I would order and replace it (my local bike store sold and installed this apparently problematic one). After some weeks/months, I decided to go back to the basic exercise of all time; running. I sustained that for a few weeks/months and finally decided to bring the game into the house when the weather got too chilly in the mornings.