Que cuarentena?

Estamos acostumbrados a la cuarentena… quizás – ya hace aproximadamente seis semanas.

For the sake of efficiency and assurance that I will not compromise the message as I try to convey it through my still fledgeling Spanish language. On that note, do not get me wrong, I am making great advances and can now communicate in multiple tenses. Fluidity and vocabulary and my main areas of growth. Watch me!

My intention is to share some ideas on what I am doing while during the self-isolation. I am rediscovering old activities, getting back to my roots, and learning new things and preparing to spring back once the market is open again. I am doing my regular job (arguably more productively than before), soul-searching on ways to improve every area of my life, learning Spanish (with manic focus), training myself to operate efficiently and with purpose, and looking back at the times when I could have traveled but did not. I am also appreciative for the travel that I managed and proud of myself for having a bias for action. The lockdown is useful in that it is teaching me to value the ability to travel to different places. Next time I have an opportunity, I will not lazily sit back at home and do nothing; but I will jump at the opportunity to even travel somewhere (regardless of the destination).

I will go deeper into specific activities that I am doing while on lock-down (as each will require its own page for proper coverage).

I am currently listening to the book Deep Work. It is opening my eyes to new perspectives to ideas that are not new to me. I find that this book is timely for me as I am beginning to evaluate how I spend my time. My goal is to eventually understand and optimize how I use my time, and optimize it so that I can do my work in less time and leave time for introspection and growth.