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On est bien retourné à Strasbourg

Pero bien, que dices ahora?
That might sound like the wrong language for this, but before Strasbourg was Barcelona. And that is where the thoughts really came back to me. I was going back to Strasbourg, but I was also a very different person. Not only had it been 20 years, but all my insecurities of a 19 year old unsure if he would take off, taking the doubts of his math teacher too seriously were gone. All I had to do was to find my old hood and really reflect. Much like Charles Aznavour’s mes vingt ans!

Unlike Aznavour that is looking back treasuring his 20s, I was not. To be honest, this was partly a victory lap. Ironically, the thing that brought me back to Europe and Strasbourg this time is very close to the thing that brought the most doubt in my life 20 years prior. This time, I am a proven success in the field that many doubted that I would get close to, let alone excel at!

I am going to find and add pictures of myself in these same places 20 years prior…

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Don is a self-taught technologist that is eager to share his knowledge and experiences. He is a hands-on leader with varied skills and experience spanning more than 20 years. Beyond the day-job, Don is an avid cyclist, polyglot, traveler, and a magnetic individual with a curious mind.