I will build it in 3 weeks!

Procrastination and perfectionism can sometimes seem so conventional and normal. I have always wanted to build a house to use when I visit my parents; that reflects me, is comfortable, and does not break the bank. The tiny-house movement had not gone ‘mainstream’ at this point, but I am that kind of guy – unconventional.

I was driving from Boston to Montreal and there it was!
One rest-area on Interstate-89 has a green-house and a water purification plant – both are housed in this octagonal glass-house.

I kept it to myself as I was not even clear about what was intriguing about it. It took me a few days for all the ideas to fall into place. So, when I excitedly told anyone who would listen about my idea,

I will build a 700ft-sq house in 3 weeks even if there are multiple stages that each require a week to complete

I saved you the details, or I got you straight to the chase…
Maybe there will be a post with all the details, the thrilling tales of shipping vinyl windows from the Home Depot to Kenya in my checked luggage. Yes, I carried some tools and materials in my luggage . Below is what I had at the end of 3 weeks just before I boarded by flight to return to the desk to write some PHP code (at the time)!

This is not one of those wooden houses that you see them put together in a week. It is made of stone from foundation to the window-line. The glass panes are in, the roof is on (the material was out of stock, but my logistics and project management skills got it all together).

Livable 750ft-sq house with electricity is complete

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